In support of Julian Assange and The Freedom of the Press.

• UK Defence Ministry's communications director said his department "should not waste any time" on investigative media organisation, Declassified

-Declassified described as a hostile website, rather than a proper news organisation by Ministry of Defence's communications director- MOD press officers believed there was a "blanket ban" on contact with the organisation

- Military officer on loan to MOD press office proposed Declassified be "put on a list of organisations which the Department would not engage with"

We believe that Investigative Journalism is critical to holding powers to account and Declassified is part of that mission.

Find out more at their website:


• Gag Order: How Marine Corps Culture Silenced a Victim of Sexual Assault

The War Horse


• New funding will improve Airwars investigations into civilian harm concerns

Support from the Reva and David Logan Foundation follows recent study showing challenges of mainstream media coverage of civilian casualties.


‪• A long standing grantee of the Foundation, Free Street Theater, has been creating affordable, inclusive, and innovative theater in communities across Chicago for over 50 years. Along with partners, they created a free community market in their Back of the Yards neighborhood. ‬

‪Free Street Theater: ‬

• A talk from the end of 2020 from our grantees, ACOS Alliance

‪Freelance Journalism: Navigating the New Safety Landscape in 2020‪‬



The UK government has violated the freedom of the press. This is what the European Court of Human Rights ruled on September 13 following a four year case brought by the Bureau of Investigative Journalism and Privacy International together with their coalition partners.

In a significant win, which has major implications for the UK government, the ECHR in Strasbourg ruled that mass surveillance by GCHQ and other intelligence agencies without adequate safeguards to protect the freedom of the press is unlawful. The case will force the government to review how it intercepts journalists’ communications, and to put better safeguards in place to ensure that a journalist can continue to properly protect their sources.

This case was part of a wider submission brought by:

– The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU), Amnesty International, Bytes for All, the Canadian Civil Liberties Association, the Egyptian Initiative for Personal Rights, the Hungarian Civil Liberties Union, the Irish Council for Civil Liberties, the Legal Resources Centre (South Africa), Liberty and Privacy International.

– Big Brother Watch, Open Rights Group, English PEN and Dr Constanze Kurz

– The Bureau of Investigative Journalism and Alice Ross.

Read the press release of The Bureau of Investigative Journalism

Bristol Cable Wins for Local Journalism at PressGazette British Journalism Awards 2019

See the winning investigation!

BC's "Cornerman" series nominated finalist for Crime and Legal Affairs category

New evidence of a widespread corruption scandal in Peru among high-court officials has been exposed by the investigative news site, IDL-Reporteros.

Director and journalist, Gustavo Gorriti revealed audio recordings between congressmen, ministers and supreme judges that include negotiating political favors in exchange for jobs and the shelving of court cases. Since the tapes leaked, officials involved have either resigned or been suspended.

Gorriti and his colleague, Rosana Cueva, have been issued summonses and had their headquarters raided by the public prosecutor and police, but have vehemently refused to submit the tapes or reveal their sources.

IDL Repoteros win major journalism award in Hamburg

Jesse Vasquez, managing editor of the San Quentin News, wrote an op-ed for the Washington Post - "One prison taught me racism. Another taught me acceptance". Jesse is now released and a reporter-at-large for SQN in the Bay Area.


Jesse's Op-Ed

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The Death of a Public Park. The End of Our Lakefront as "Forever Open, Free and Clear" as Private Entity Wreaks Destruction.

A letter from Architect Grahm Balkany ~ Also see : Protect Our Parks