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Roah's work revolves around the intersectional politicized Palestinian identity. They explore the essence of existence as resistance by deconstructing and shifting the narrative through visual art, resulting in the processing of intergenerational trauma. They use found object and materials that evoke a sense of familiarity to their fragmented identity to document lived experiences and history. Roah's art provides a sense of ownership over land, culture, and being; something they can reassess and reclaim after they have been so violently taken away.



DO NOT ENTER, Mud, 180 x 100 cm, 2017

Aaron Holland

Colette Ghunim

Tara Betts

Arthur Sangster

Thomas Kong

Felicia Oduh

Scott Vincent Campbell

J’Sun Howard

Jacqueline Sinclair

Alma Dominguez

Hope Wang

Amy Mall

Roah Karim

Elizabeth MyleS

Dawn Renee Jones



Jovan Landry

Osiris Khepera

Molly Jones