The Reva and David Logan Foundation is run by The President, Richard E. Logan, and The Foundation Staff.


Frank Waln and Soul Inscribed - Let Them In


Our Founders - David Logan and Reva Frumkin Logan

"Searching for opportunities with urgency and intent and acting decisively on what we find, the Foundation will undertake to employ its financial and human resources to originate and support meaningful change programs." REL

Artists’ Books in the Modern Era
Rehabilitation Institute

The Foundation is a Chicago-based family foundation that provides strategic grants to support social justice, the arts and investigative journalism both in Chicago and around the world.

Dedicated to lasting support for the founders' powerful and eclectic mix of grants, our directors each contribute their own unique interests to our granting range. Directors include: Richard Logan, Leslie Savickas, Crystal Logan, Reuben Logan, Patrick Brosnan and Martin Reynolds.


The projects below initiated by David and Reva Logan and their sons; some are now supported by grants from the Foundation.

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Social Justice, the Arts and Investigative Journalism

Examples of things we really like:

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