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COVID-19 Response

March 2020 - December 2020*


Despite the hope of vaccines and a new administration, we witness daily reminders of the grim effects of the pandemic. Many of the most vulnerable in our society have been left in a precarious state.

Those who have lost jobs face uncertain futures. Groups already neglected and disenfranchised are now completely exposed with little or no support. In the face of this extraordinary challenge, those with the most influence and resources seem to have been slow to react or have chosen to respond in ordinary ways.

The Reva and David Logan Foundation has tried to respond by vigorously by channeling our resources to search for and engage directly with those providing essential services to those who face unprecedented levels of need.

• We have made a series of emergency grants and released restricted funding for our current grantees to help provide for their financial sustainability.

• We have provided safety nets for those who have fallen through the gaps in the government’s coverage - especially those experiencing homelessness and the undocumented.

• We have worked directly with food pantries and shelters providing them with vital resources so they may continue to serve their communities and handle the increased demand.

• We will continue our regimen as long as the crisis persists. We will work hard to try to anticipate new challenges and to spot gaps where vulnerable people are left in limbo.

The link below is a partial list of our emergency resources that we have provided.


* Most of this work continues on an ongoing basis, but is now classified simply as part of our Social Justice funding initiatives. The need remains great.




Below are grants made in earlier years:





WINTER WEATHER PROGRAM - now included with Social Justice Grants

Our winter weather program aims to alleviate some of the harshness of Chicago winters by providing thousands of articles of warm clothing and supplies to Chicagoland organizations each year. Recipients include housing organizations, Chicago Public Schools, food pantries and mutual aid groups, and youth focused programs. If your organization is in need of winter gear, please contact our team for more information.

The Reva and David Logan Foundation grants in three main areas: Social Justice, Journalism and the Arts. To see what we've been doing, please select the specific area from the links on this page. Thank you for your interest in our work.