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After 30 years with Joel Hall Dancers & Center, Jacqueline Sinclair is clear that it is her life’s purpose to share and develop Urban Jazz Dance. As she moves her artistic focus from onstage to backstage, her overarching vision for choreography and artistic direction is to rise to the current collective call to healing so obviously present in our world. To rise to our current collective need for unity, she feels called to create pieces that heal the wound of separation by intentionally connecting artists and audience to Spirit and one another through movement, multimedia, and message. Sinclair holds a BA in Dance from Columbia College of Chicago, a secondary teacher’s certification from Northeastern Illinois University and an MA in Theatre from Northwestern University. She recently codified the Joel Hall Jazz Dance Method: Breathing Floor Barre. For more information visit joelhall.teachable.com



Photo: Leni Manaa-Hoppenworth

Photo: Victor Heeckt

Choreographed by Jacqueline Sinclair titled Namo. The dancer is Moo Vang.

Aaron Holland

Colette Ghunim

Tara Betts

Arthur Sangster

Thomas Kong

Felicia Oduh

Scott Vincent Campbell

J’Sun Howard

Jacqueline Sinclair

Alma Dominguez

Hope Wang

Amy Mall

Roah Karim

Elizabeth MyleS

Dawn Renee Jones



Jovan Landry

Osiris Khepera

Molly Jones