Social Justice, Scholarship, the Arts and Investigative Journalism

Journalism and the Fourth Estate—The press, news media, and investigative journalists whose courageous work exposes acts of tyranny and malfeasance, and stands as a bulwark for freedom, justice and democracy.


Bona Fide Films (Becket Films), Ojai, CA, www.vandanashivamovie.com

$40,000 for the documentary film “The Seeds of Vandana Shiva”


The Bureau of Investigative Journalism, London, UK, www.thebureauinvestigates.com

$100,000 for each of 3 years ($300,000 total) for general support during a period of expansion


Carey Institute for Global Good, Rensselaerville, NY, www.careyinstitute.org

$100,000 for a 1:1 challenge grant to support the Carey Institute Nonfiction Residency.


Center for the Study of Responsive Law, Washington, D.C., www.csrl.org

$75,000 to support the work of Bill Curry: $50,000 as an outright grant plus a $25,000 challenge grant.


Centre for Investigative Journalism, London, UK, www.tcij.org

$515,000 for general support and for the annual Logan Symposium London


Experimental Station – Invisible Institute, Chicago, IL, http://www.experimentalstation.org/invisible-institute

$500,000 over three years (a $250,000 grant in 2015, a $150,000 1:1 matching grant in 2016, and a $100,000 1:1 matching grant in 2017) for general support of investigative reporting in Chicago


Fair Warning, Encino, CA, www.fairwarning.org

$50,000 for general support to advance their mission of producing strong watchdog journalism in the public interest


First Amendment Coalition, San Rafael, CA, www.firstamendmentcoalition.org

$100,000 challenge grant for general support


Fund for Investigative Journalism, Washington, DC, www.fij.org

$85,000 to support investigative reporting projects around the world


Global Investigative Journalism Network, Oakland, CA, www.gijn.org

$25,000 for general support to aid in their expansion


inewsource, San Diego, CA, www.inewsource.org

$100,000 for each of 3 years ($300,000 total) for general support of its in-depth, investigative journalism


Investigative Reporting Program at UC-Berkeley, Berkeley, CA, www.investigativereportingprogram.org

$1 million for each of 2 years ($2 million total) to boost infrastructure and create a fund to support their own reporting, $25,000 to repurpose the Macau reporting and footage


Youth Radio, Oakland, CA, www.youthradio.org

$100,000 for each of 2 years for Journalism Pathway and Arts Pathway programs