Social Justice, the Arts and Investigative Journalism

Journalism and the Fourth Estate—The press, news media, and investigative journalists whose courageous work exposes acts of tyranny and malfeasance, and stands as a bulwark for freedom, justice and democracy.


Bona Fide Films (Becket Films), Ojai, CA, www.vandanashivamovie.com

$40,000 for the documentary film “The Seeds of Vandana Shiva”


The Bureau of Investigative Journalism, London, UK, www.thebureauinvestigates.com

$100,000 for each of 3 years ($300,000 total) for general support during a period of expansion


Carey Institute for Global Good, Rensselaerville, NY, www.careyinstitute.org

$100,000 for a 1:1 challenge grant to support the Carey Institute Nonfiction Residency.


Center for the Study of Responsive Law, Washington, D.C., www.csrl.org

$75,000 to support the work of Bill Curry: $50,000 as an outright grant plus a $25,000 challenge grant.


Centre for Investigative Journalism, London, UK, www.tcij.org

$515,000 for general support and for the annual Logan Symposium London


Experimental Station – Invisible Institute, Chicago, IL, http://www.experimentalstation.org/invisible-institute

$500,000 over three years (a $250,000 grant in 2015, a $150,000 1:1 matching grant in 2016, and a $100,000 1:1 matching grant in 2017) for general support of investigative reporting in Chicago


Fair Warning, Encino, CA, www.fairwarning.org

$50,000 for general support to advance their mission of producing strong watchdog journalism in the public interest


First Amendment Coalition, San Rafael, CA, www.firstamendmentcoalition.org

$100,000 challenge grant for general support


Fund for Investigative Journalism, Washington, DC, www.fij.org

$85,000 to support investigative reporting projects around the world


Global Investigative Journalism Network, Oakland, CA, www.gijn.org

$25,000 for general support to aid in their expansion


inewsource, San Diego, CA, www.inewsource.org

$100,000 for each of 3 years ($300,000 total) for general support of its in-depth, investigative journalism


Investigative Reporting Program at UC-Berkeley, Berkeley, CA, www.investigativereportingprogram.org

$1 million for each of 2 years ($2 million total) to boost infrastructure and create a fund to support their own reporting, $25,000 to repurpose the Macau reporting and footage


Youth Radio, Oakland, CA, www.youthradio.org

$100,000 for each of 2 years for Journalism Pathway and Arts Pathway programs