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LOI Procedure

Before submitting an LOI, please visit Our Approach to familiarize yourself with our funding guidelines and program areas as well as the Grants Awarded page to determine if you will be a good fit for the Logan Foundation.

To complete the LOI, you will fill out a short form explaining your organization and the project or reason you are seeking a grant. You will be contacted via email when your LOI has been considered. We recommend adding to your address book to ensure that e-mails sent by the Foundation reach your inbox.

If your LOI is accepted, we will contact you about conducting a site visit.

Current or Returning Applicants

Current or returning applicants may access their account and/or submit applications, grant agreements, and reports through the Grantee Portal. A report is required after each year of the funding cycle. The deadline(s) is (are) indicated in the grant agreement.

For grant renewals, please contact your program officer or foundation contact.

Grantee Portal

To access the grantee portal, we recommend using one of the following browsers: Google Chrome 14 or higher, Firefox 9 or higher, or Safari 4 or higher.

Create an Account

To submit an LOI or Application, you will need to ensure you have an account in the Grantee Portal. Click on the Grantee Portal link (in red on the left) to access or create an account.

Please have the following information on hand to to create your organization’s account:

• An email address that will act as your username

• Your contact information

• Your organization’s or fiscal sponsor’s information, including the EIN/Tax ID number (required)

• Your organization’s Executive Officer’s contact information

For additional guidance on how to use our online grantee portal, review the following tutorial–video or written.

Please retain a record of your login information as you will need it in the future to access your in‐progress applications and your online application history. Applications can be accessed only via the account in which they were started.

If you are unable to access or setup your account or have any technical problems, please contact our offices at 312-664-3350 or email contact(at)loganfdn(dot)org.

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Welcome! Due to internal capacity changes, we will be closing new submissions for LOIs for the Summer of 2022.

If you have already started an LOI draft, you will be able to submit at any time. We will continue to review already submitted LOIs. You will receive an email when your LOI has been considered.

Your organization's work must fall within one of our 3 issues areas (Arts, Social Justice, and Journalism) and meet our Funding Guidelines. For more information on our approach and the types of grants we fund in these areas, see below. Please note, we only fund 501(c)3 organizations and fiscally-sponsored individuals or organizations.

At The Reva & David Logan Foundation, Letters of Inquiry are seen as an introduction to an organization. Upon submission of your LOI, you should hear back within six months. If the board of The Reva & David Logan Foundation is interested in pursuing your LOI, you will hear directly from one of our program officers to schedule an in-depth meeting.

We recommend adding to your address book to ensure that e-mails sent by the Foundation reach your inbox.