The Reva and David Logan Foundation is a Chicago-based family foundation that provides strategic grants to support the arts, investigative journalism, scholarship and social justice.


Social Justice, Scholarship, the Arts,

and Investigative Journalism

The Foundation accepts no unsolicited proposals, but welcomes Letters of Inquiry (LOI) .

If you have a specific enquiry or wish to speak to someone prior to submitting an LOI, feel free to phone either Peter Handler, our Executive Director - peter(at), or Kim Romero, our Grants Manager - kim(at), on 312-664-3350.

The Foundation’s mailing address is 980 N. Michigan Ave., Suite 1122, Chicago, IL, 60611. 

Please note that we only fund 501(c)3 organizations, and domestic or international organizations that have relationships with 501(c)3-qualified fiscal sponsors.

If you have any problems using this site or our Online Grants System, please contact Kim(at)